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After working for the ‘Conflict Islands Marine Conservation’ off Papua New Guinea in 2016, it became clear that conservation begins with education. With the aim to raise awareness about the problems of pollution, her goal is to further spread her passion for the ocean and our environment through the arts. 'Through the beauty of creativity, we can experience a deeper connection, to further transform the relationship between humans, and the environment that we rely on’.

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Alongside her studies and work in Art Psychotherapy, Millie runs creative workshops to educate people about the different approaches to helping our oceans. She believes that artists and art have the ability to help visualise unseen problems. By allowing the public to actively interact, to question, to feel, they may be more inclined to take action.

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Tash was never classed as an eco-warrior until she watched ‘A Plastic Ocean’ last year. It had her completely hooked and determined to make a difference. Since then, she has been volunteering for the film’s producer Jo Ruxton, who now runs Plastic Oceans UK. The charity aims to change attitudes towards plastic through their education, science and sustainability programmes. Tash now manages their marketing and communications, whilst running her own Instagram channel @plasticpreacher. It aims to blend creativity with humour to show friends and followers why they should care. She believes in the power of social media to help drive behavioural change, especially within our generation.

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Olivia has a background in Art and Events and has been involved in conservation work from an early age exposing her to the beauty and horror human activity is having on the world. As health and environment issues rise as a result of our waste management Olivia sees Blue Dot Generation as an opportunity to inspire and educate. 


As Head of Business Development at London based film company Lorton Entertainment, Abi’s recent projects include the Oasis biopic Supersonic, Michael Winterbottom’s On The Road and the upcoming and highly anticipated Maradona documentary.  In the last year Abi has been shocked to see the effects that the mass production/mass consumption of non-biodergrable products is having on our planet and the fact that too few people are aware of the devastation it is having around the world.

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Having worked in the online art industry for the last couple of years, currently for Artsy, a leading online platform that connects collectors to art, Chloe sees firsthand the positive impact art can have on the world. 

She believes art is the most powerful way of not only educating people on global environmental issues but also of keeping them actively engaged in the cause.

By promoting a wide range of art forms, she strongly feels that blue dot generation has the potential to inspire people of all ages and from all walks of life.